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Lee Joon..this time please not listening G.O’s advice


WGM Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo

cr:  withjoon)

LOL.. G.O so hilarious 🙂

Metha (joonseocouple.wordpress.com)

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Big Bang′s G-Dragon Talks about His Envy Toward Psy

G-Dragon UK

-Dragon voiced his envy toward his globally acknowledged senior and label mate, Psy.


The singer said in an interview with enews held on September 19 at the YG office building, “Things that could only happen in dreams are happening to Psy hyung (big brother) every day now. Even outside of our ties as colleagues and label mates, I′m envious and I′m happy he′s doing great.”

Psy ranked 11th on Billboard′s main chart, the highest rank for a Korean singer, and has also recently been appearing in many American broadcasts. Many Korean singers have dreamed of venturing to the U.S., but Psy is the first to make a breakthrough in such a short time with a Korean song.

G-Dragon said, “I talked with Psy hyung when Gangnam Style was released, and I never knew things would go like this. I probably won′t understand how he feels 100 percent, but I…

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180912 [NEWS] G.O “I’m sexy when I shower”!

Yanglover's Blog

MBLAQ’s G.O wins with 392 votes for Yoon Si Nae’s ‘Poem of Love’.

On the afternoon of the 15th, KBS 2TV broadcasted Immortal Song 2 – Singing The Legend, Yoon Si Nae’s Side.

Before going on to the stage, “‘I want to be alone’ that sort of concept. Lately I’m not doing very well winning on the show. Last time I was lucky enough to win the entire show with just one win on Kim Su Hee’s side. Today I really just want to break out,” G.O has stated determinedly.

Right when he stepped on stage he greeted everyone with much confidence, “The man who is most charming during showers, I’m G.O”. He was clad in all black looking chic and showing off his masculinity while all attention was on him for his explosive singing ability.

With G.O’s performance as an example Moon Hee Joon said, “G.O really is the…

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So they play Oppa Gangnam Style on the radio…

So can I get away with requesting Crayon by G-Dragon? O.O

Gangnam Style Infographic

Lots a’ shtuff

Today is a motherfucking happy day. No sarcasm, really. I’m so happy. No things aren’t exactly going my way, but I’m content. At peace and shtuff. ;D

I got two parts in the play and we had our first rehearsal today. The guy I like trusts me enough to keep the secret of who he admires. My brother gets to kiss the girl he likes in the play, so I’m happy someone else is kissing her and my brother gets his first kiss on stage. xD

At school, it’s spirit week and today was dress up day. I wore a purple-ish pink short-sleeved turtle neck dress and some heels. I got a lot of looks. I’m not sure they were all positive, especially from the girls, but I’m content with the attention. The guy I like also said I looked sexy. Not exactly the compliment I wanted from him, but beggars can’t be choosers, especially for not being first on his list. Whatevs.

Kidd in my french class, (Let’s just refer to him as French Kidd) keeps trying to kiss me. It’s quite awkward, but I think he’s like me and happens to fall in love with people that give special attention to him. I’m exactly sure what I expect if he does kiss me, but I don’t think I’ll reject it.

I stole my friend’s hat and if I do say so, I’m fucking rocking it. Ye.

This week G-Dragon’s Crayon came out and now I’m addicted to the G. 😉 Like he’s keeping me positive this week. Since Oppa Gangnam Style is now on the Toledo radio stations, I’m hoping that some people are willing to open up to playing foreign music on American radio stations. I’d be in fucking heaven.

…Awkwardness. I keep smelling the guy I like when I haven’t been near him for over 5 hours, maybe more. Weird..

Anyway~ Later(;